Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

 With the encouragement of Father Tony, our Catholic 'Stangs took their first road trip of the year!  Mother Teresa:  No Greater Love played in select theaters for Monday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 4.  The closest one to us was in Sioux Falls, SD.  Six Catholic 'Stangs loaded into a vehicle to make the 1.5 hour drive.  All reports are it was worth every minute of the drive!

The movie was a well-done documentary that moved many of our students to tears as it followed the life and vocation of Mother Teresa on her path to sainthood.  The movie raised awareness of the poverty and related issues faced by many throughout the world today.  It also gave great hope about the impact that we can have on those around us.  Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for promoting this unique experience for our students!

October Birthdays!

 Happy birthday to our students celebrating this month!  Join us on November 20, 2022, to celebrate the November birthdays with chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

Homecoming 2022

 Homecoming 2022 brought the Catholic Stangs a busy day!  The day started with six students and four others running and walking the Veterans Club Legacy 5k.  

After the 5k, we gathered for breakfast at the Campus Religious Center.  Father Tony's special recipe egg bake was served to help our runners regain their protein :)

Breakfast was finished with just enough time for four of our students to take the Newman Club float through the Homecoming Parade.

The day wrapped up with games and snacks at our Homecoming Game Night.  It was great to see Father Shawn join us for the evening.

We look forward to seeing you at the CRC soon!