Parents, your role in your son or daughter's faith life doesn't have to end when they leave for college.  Statistics report between 70% and 80% of Catholics who receive the Sacrament of Confirmation will walk away from the Church during their college years.  What can be done to help turn those numbers around?  There are a few simple steps you can take to support your child's journey in faith.

  • Pray:  pray for them, pray for yourself, pray for the programs they are involved in
  • Encourage them in their faith journey:  without pushing, ask what they are doing; what do they enjoy; what would they change; or just listen when they want to talk about what they are experiencing.
  • Live your faith as much as you want them to live theirs:  when they see you making Mass and the other sacraments a priority, it is easier for them to make those a priority as well.  Additionally, let them see how you live the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  Being Catholic isn't just clocking in and clocking out at the Church doors.  Share your faith in action with them.
  • Support them in their opportunities, be it through prayer, financial resources, or just a listening ear.  Each year, at SMSU, the Newman Club travels at least one.  In odd years, students attend SEEK, a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) conference hosted at various locations throughout the United States (the last three have been in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas).  Conference fees, travel and food costs in the neighborhood of 750.00. In even years, students travel on a mission trip.  The last two were in Chicago and New Orleans.  The price for these varies depending on where they want to go, how they can get there, and what all they want to do while they are gone.  Students have experienced life changing moments at these opportunities.  
  • Follow the Catholic 'Stangs on Facebook.  Many students notice and appreciate the family members who "like" and "love" the pictures and posts that are made about them.  It is a rare day that a camera, or two, doesn't show up at a Newman or Catholic Campus Ministry event.  Check it out here
  • Join our Newman Club Family on Facebook.  Click here to be kept up to date on events happening that will impact your student and opportunities you have to remotely connect with them while they are away from home.

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