Summer Opportunities

Every summer brings many opportunities for students.  Some go home and back to their "regular routines", some experience a little more independence by renting houses or apartments and remaining in Marshall for the summer.  Some make daily Mass a priority.  Others don't always make it to weekly Mass.

For those students who remain in Marshall, we offer a variety of ways for the students to stay connected both with each other as well as with their faith.  Once a week, we host a meal at the Campus Religious Center for the students to come together.  Last summer, there was a softball team made up of a bunch of students connected to Catholic Campus Ministries so Monday evenings were filled with supper as a group and hanging out at the ballfield, cheering for our favorite team as they played their hearts out.  Discipleship and small groups continue on a limited basis.  Ruby's Pantry and other volunteer opportunities are also available.  Finally, the Campus Religious Center is open daily for students to come together, hang out, and play games around summer school and work schedules.

Each summer, we have also worked with Partnership for Youth to volunteer at the Steubenville Rochester Youth Conference.  Young adults are able to serve youth in a variety of ways while still being able to hear exciting and entertaining speakers, attend adoration, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and attend Mass.  Transportation to and from the conference as well as lodging are the only expenses.  Uniforms are provided for each area of the conference and meals are provided for all volunteers during their work shifts.  Last year's conference, after fundraising, was just $125.00 per person for Thursday to Sunday.  For the 2016 conference, we had five volunteers attend.  We look forward to growing that number in the future.

**All volunteers 18 and older must be VIRTUS trained and background checked.

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