Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Save the Date: Fall Retreat Scheduled!

The planning retreat for the 2017-2018 school year has been scheduled.  We will be returning to Shalom Farm the end of July for our second annual retreat.  This year, the Executive Board will have a two day retreat, while the Core Team will join the Executive Board for the second day.

The retreat will begin at 5pm, with supper, at Shalom Hill Farm (42194 County Rd 3, Windom, MN 56101) on Friday, July 28 for the Executive Board and mentors. It will be a full evening and Saturday morning of activities. Core Team members should arrive at Shalom Hill Farm between 2p and 3p on Saturday afternoon.   The following 24 hours will be busy, but filled with faith, food, and fun as we put together the plans for the 2017-2018 year.  

Last year, we stayed in the Commons Retreat Center.  This year, we will be staying in the Farmhouse.  This building is not air conditioned.  Please feel free to bring fans.

Here is what you will need to bring with you:

1.  Love of Christ and a desire to spread His Kingdom on campus
2.  Rosary, journal, Bible or other items you use for personal prayer time
3.  Your small group plan for next year (subject, partner, day/time)
4.  Sense of humor and sense of purpose :)
5.  Clothing suitable for both inside and outside, and having a roommate at night.
6.  Appetite, spiritual as well as physical

We will, again, have the opportunity for Adoration, Reconciliation and Mass during the retreat, with Saturday's supper at a special location near and dear to my heart.

Driving directions to Shalom Hill Farm can be found HERE

Please RSVP to Becki to confirm your attendance.  There wasn't a date everyone could make, but this was the weekend that had the most availability.

Enjoy your summer and see you before you know it!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Just What Do You DO at the CRC?

That question has been asked more than once, by a variety of people.  Surprisingly, it is not the easiest question to answer because our students are active and involved in so many ways on campus, at the CRC, in the community, and with each other, all while spreading the love of Christ to the people around them.  For all those who have ever wondered what exactly it is that we do here, this video should give you a little taste of what life is like at the Campus Religious Center.  The music is "Stepping Into The Day" by the Catholic band "The Thirsting" and is used by permission of Daniel Oberreuter, himself :)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday Service

Thank you so much to the volunteers who were able to come out and help process the food collected by the US Postal Service during their "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive.  We had two hours of fun and fellowship as we loaded, unloaded, sorted, boxed and helped to put away a portion of the 2290 pounds of food that has already been collected.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Summer Service Opportunity

The Postal Service has their annual food drive on Saturday, May 13.  They are looking for some help between 2:30 and 4:30, both at the Post Office and at the Kitchen Pantry Food Shelf. Please let Becki know if you are available to help!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Softball Schedule

Summer Co-Rec Softball League is here!  Monday evenings, we will gather at the Campus Religious an hour and a half before game time for supper and fellowship.  Players and fans are welcome to join us!  After supper, we will go to the games, which are currently being held at the Softball Complex near US Bank.  It is an evening of food, fun and fellowship.   Join us if you are able!  (Look for the black and blue team!)

Here is the schedule for the ADM/Western Printing Team:
Monday, May 15:  4:30pm supper (served until 5:30pm)/6pm v. Hitching Post:  Field 4
Monday, May 22:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Hitching Post:  Field 1/7:30pm v. Brau Bros:  Field 2
Monday, May 29:  NO SUPPER OR GAMES:  Happy Memorial Day!
Monday, June 5:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v. Varsity Pub:  Field 2
Monday, June 12:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Mike's Cafe/Toni's Depot:  Field 3
Monday, June 19:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Fixen Chiropractic: Field 4/7:30p v. Toni's Depot:  Field 4
Monday, June 26:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Suby State:  Field 1/7:30pm V. Envy-Us/Kibble:  Field 1
Monday, July 3:  NO SUPPER OR GAMES:  4th of July Week break:  enjoy your celebrations!
Monday, July 10:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Snap-On:  Field 2
Monday, July 17:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v DD Garage/Midwest:  Field 3/7:30p v. Hy-Vee/Varsity Pub:  Field 4
Monday, July 24:  6pm supper (served until 7pm)/7:30p v Hy-Vee/Varsity Pub:  Field 3
Monday, July 31:  6pm supper (served until 7pm)/7:30p v Fuzzy's:  Field 4

Play off schedules will be announced when they are released, but we will continue the food, fun and fellowship all the way through the end of the season!

Baccalaureate Celebrated!

On Friday evening, May 5, we gathered one last time as campus family for a meal in Carlin Hall (at the Church downtown), before coming together to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the Campus Religious Center.  Seven of our graduates were able to join us.  As they have done during their years with us, they served each other, and their families, as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and gift bearers.  Father Paul, the pastor of Holy Redeemer, and Father Matt, the Chaplain at SMSU, concelebrated, so the students were able to spend this final Mass with both of the priests who have served here.

Dr. Dwight Watson, Provost and Vice-President of Student and Academic Affairs, started us off with a message from the school, challenging the students to take what they learned and experienced here out in to the world with them, to make the world a better place.  During his homily, Father reminded the graduates to rely on the Lord to prepare for what lies before them.  Our paths are not always what we expect.  For our communion meditation, we watched a presentation about the graduates, their future plans and what the CRC has meant to them during their time at SMSU.  After the Mass concluded, we had an opportunity for fellowship in the gathering space before everyone went home to prepare for commencement the next morning.

It has been a beautiful year together.  Our prayers go with them as they go forth from here, to do as the Lord has called them to do.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Baccalaureate Mass

For the first time in many years, Catholic Campus Ministries will be hosting a Baccalaureate Mass at the Campus Religious Center on Friday evening, May 5.  After years of a shared Baccalaureate Service, students requested a Mass to celebrate the culmination of their studies, the way they have celebrated with each other during their time here at SMSU.  A dinner will be hosted for the graduates, and their guests, at Carlin Hall (at Holy Redeemer Church, downtown) at 7pm.  At 8:30pm, we will come together as community at the Campus Religious Center for the Baccalaureate Mass.  Cap and gown are not required.

Graduates, please sign up HERE to RSVP your number for the meal.

For undergraduates who will be around on Friday and would like to help (and eat), please sign up HERE

Congratulations to the graduates!  Every day is an adventure and we look forward to seeing where your adventures, and the LORD, take you!