Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Softball Schedule

Summer Co-Rec Softball League is here!  Monday evenings, we will gather at the Campus Religious an hour and a half before game time for supper and fellowship.  Players and fans are welcome to join us!  After supper, we will go to the games, which are currently being held at the Softball Complex near US Bank.  It is an evening of food, fun and fellowship.   Join us if you are able!  (Look for the black and blue team!)

Here is the schedule for the ADM/Western Printing Team:
Monday, May 15:  4:30pm supper (served until 5:30pm)/6pm v. Hitching Post:  Field 4
Monday, May 22:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Hitching Post:  Field 1/7:30pm v. Brau Bros:  Field 2
Monday, May 29:  NO SUPPER OR GAMES:  Happy Memorial Day!
Monday, June 5:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v. Varsity Pub:  Field 2
Monday, June 12:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Mike's Cafe/Toni's Depot:  Field 3
Monday, June 19:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Fixen Chiropractic: Field 4/7:30p v. Toni's Depot:  Field 4
Monday, June 26:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Suby State:  Field 1/7:30pm V. Envy-Us/Kibble:  Field 1
Monday, July 3:  NO SUPPER OR GAMES:  4th of July Week break:  enjoy your celebrations!
Monday, July 10:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v Snap-On:  Field 2
Monday, July 17:  5pm supper (served until 6pm)/6:30p v DD Garage/Midwest:  Field 3/7:30p v. Hy-Vee/Varsity Pub:  Field 4
Monday, July 24:  6pm supper (served until 7pm)/7:30p v Hy-Vee/Varsity Pub:  Field 3
Monday, July 31:  6pm supper (served until 7pm)/7:30p v Fuzzy's:  Field 4

Play off schedules will be announced when they are released, but we will continue the food, fun and fellowship all the way through the end of the season!

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