Saturday, September 17, 2022

Full Conscious and Active

 Father Tony's first Catholicism 101 of the year was held on Sunday, September 11.  Our topic for the evening was the Mass:  Full Conscious and Active Participation.  Father Tony shared how we are not called to be observers of the Mass, but participants, sharers in the Mystery of the Mass.  

Catholicism 101 is an opportunity for our college students to ask the burning questions on their hearts.  Sometimes, our conversations focus on the Sacraments, other times it is about Church teaching.  Occasionally, it is about the saints.  It is always a sincere conversation, hearing the students' questions and concerns, and answering them in the light of our Faith.

Join us on Sunday, October 2nd, as Father Tony leads us in a conversation about "Sola Scriptura" entitled:  Only Revelation.  Supper is provided!

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