Monday, November 21, 2022

New Missals

 We have been quiet on the social media front, but we haven't been quiet in the day-to-day activities of campus life.  Over the next week or so, the goal is to get caught up on all that has happened recently.  Today, though, we are so thankful for our college students who stayed after Mass last night to help with the switch from the 2022 Breaking Bread to the 2023 Breaking Bread.  

For many, I am sure, it is just a part of the process of coming to Church to grab their missal from the cart.  It is our access to the prayers and readings of the Mass.  Few ever think about how those missals are made available to them.  Last night, for five college students, they got to have a hands-on experience as we recycled last year's books and put the new year's books into the binders.

I am appreciative of them because we were done with the process, from beginning to end, in less than 15 minutes.  If I had been doing it on my own, it would have been an hour or better.

Special thanks to Amanda, Emma, Jon, Olivia and Taylor!  You are all people I am thankful for in this week of Thanksgiving!

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