Thursday, August 31, 2023

Catholicism 101: Pester the Priest

On Sunday, August 27, we held our first "Catholicism 101:  Pester the Priest."  Father Tony Stubeda, the Pastor of Holy Redeemer Church, leads our group discussion each month.  Typically, we have topics that are chosen by the students.  Father prepares for the topic and gives a brief presentation, followed by an opportunity for questions and answers related to the topic.  For the welcome session, we opened it up to all of the students and their questions.

We tackled such tough topics as how to handle situations with family members who are not currently practicing their faith and how to support Protestant friends who are leading Bible studies when the students aren't comfortable with how the information is being addressed.  It was an opportunity for discussion about the real issues our students face in their day to day lives.

Join us next on Sunday, September 24 as we discuss Matrimony!

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