Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Living the Corporal Works of Mercy: Visit the Prisoners, with Father Paul

Our February Corporal Works of Mercy speaker was Father Paul, who shared his story of prison ministry.  His prison ministry started in Marshall, with a Campus connection.  From here, he went to Meeker County.  The prison ministry he started in 1985 is still going strong today.

Next, he was assigned in Appleton, where he spent time in service to the 1700 prisoners incarcerated there.  Father Paul shared stories of Monday evening Masses, Tuesday group discussions and Wednesday one on ones with prisoners.  He found it to be an incredibly interesting and rewarding time in his life.

His prison ministry experiences concluded in 2011, when he returned to Marshall and was invited to lead a Bible study for the prisoners at the Lyon County jail.  All told, Father Paul had experiences that spanned six decades and prison ministry from local county jails to Federal prisons.  Next time you see him, you should ask him to share with you his stories, too!

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