Monday, April 3, 2017

Marty Seifert Presented!

As promised, SMSU Alumni Marty Seifert presented the "stories behind the story" of "Sundown at Sunrise" last evening.  We had a mix of students and community members who stayed after Mass to find out more about the people the historical novel was based upon. We were also granted the opportunity to see into the writer's mind to see the process of balancing the good and evil of what had happened back in 1917.  For those who have already read the book, it gives an opportunity for another look from a different view point.  For those who haven't, they certainly have a few items of note to be aware of as they are reading, like the four horses of the Apocalypse!

Thank you, Marty, for taking the time to spend with us, sharing your story, and the vision behind it!

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