Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mustang Ovations: Community Service of the Year

Congratulations to the Newman Club on their recognition for Community Service of the Year.  At the Mustang Ovations, held on Thursday, April 13, Clubs were recognized for their participation in campus life and community service as well as leadership.  The Newman Club's support of and involvement with Ruby's Pantry, a monthly food distribution offered at the Marshall Armory and sponsored by Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, was recognized as the Community Service Project of the year!

More than 250 individuals and families purchase a share at Ruby's Pantry for $20.00.  Each share contains a variety of fresh and frozen food items, as well as packaged products.  Many months, there are even paper goods such as napkins or toilet paper.  Volunteers are needed to check in guests, serve the guests the food options and assist in loading their groceries in the guests' vehicles, not to mention prepping for the food distribution and cleaning up afterwards.  Southwest Minnesota State University students have helped in all areas.  The leading role the Newman Club has taken in making this initiative an important opportunity for students both to volunteer at as well to to participate in as guests.  Thank you, Newman Club, and Congratulations!!

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