Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Valentine's Dinner 2022

 We have a many year tradition of an open invitation to Valentine's Dinner on the Tuesday closest to Valentine's Day.  As the invitation said, bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a date, but just come for good food, fellowship and fun.  Our leadership team this year outdid themselves on all aspects.  

Nate planned the menu, including lasagna, mixed vegetables, garlic bread and red velvet cheesecake.

Elaina and Nate coordinated the shopping, planned for games, and worked out the set-up.

Abbey and Elaina completed the decorating while Nate handled the cooking.

We had a variety of guests including a number of people who have attended our Saturday night activities but haven't attended any Newman Club events.  Members of the adult leadership for Lutheran Campus Ministries were also welcomed guests.

Nick won our "guess the number of M&M" challenge and won 121 M&Ms!

Dealyn won our "guess the number of Jelly Beans" challenge and won 120 jelly beans!

The clean-up crew was extremely efficient and had everything back to pre-party state before they went home.  It was a wonderful event, coordinated by a truly exceptional group of young people who made it all happen, from effective invitations, to food preparation, fellowship and fun throughout the night.  

Thank you to all who participated!

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