Thursday, June 2, 2022

Summer 'Stangs 2022

During the summer, Catholic Campus Ministries offers an opportunity we refer to as Summer 'Stangs.  It is an opportunity, once a week, to gather as community.  We share a meal and participate in a fun activity or a service project.  It helps keep our community connected during the break, as well as inviting new people to join us in a less structured format.

The costs for participation are minimal.  Most of our meals are completely free.  On a couple of rare occasions, we get subs to go or order pizza.  Participants pitch in for their share.  The same applies for any of the activities we participate in as well.  Many of them are free, outside of ride sharing.  Some, like the Bison Tour will have a minimal cost.  If anyone would like to participate, and cost is an issue, please let Becki know and she will help you work it out!

Our first Summer 'Stangs of the year has happened.  We cleaned Justice Park and did our summer planning.  There are a lot of interesting and exciting opportunities, and we hope to see you at them!

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