Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Mass With Father Paul

Daily Mass happens each Tuesday and Thursday at the Campus Religious Center at 12n.  For the 20-21 and 21-22 school years, Father Paul Schumacher was the presider at almost every daily Mass we held.  This year, he stepped back from presiding, although he attends almost each daily Mass held here.  Last week, the priests of the Diocese were at Pastoral Leader Days.  Father Paul was not attending those, so he presided at Mass so our college students and community did not have to forego their daily Mass opportunity.  He shared a strong message of sharing the love of Christ with others and helping them to feel like they were important to someone.  

Father Paul was the priest who was instrumental in working with the college and other Church leaders to bring the Campus Religious Center to fruition.  It is always a special joy when we have the opportunity to see his spirit and vitality in action because we know this was instrumental in bringing the love of Christ to our campus.  Thank you, Father Paul, for continuing to serve this Campus Community with such love and dedication!


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