Sunday, February 19, 2023

Valentine's Day Dinner Celebration

This year, Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday, so we were able to celebrate the event on the actual day!  It doesn't happen very often, so we are especially grateful when it does.  Our Valentine's Day Dinner is an opportunity to come together to celebrate our community and the love we have for each other in a little fancier setting.

Our leadership team of Abbey, Olivia and James did a fabulous job of preparing for the event, from shopping through decorating.  We also saw them, along with Jon and Ethan for the extra work they did on cleaning up.  We appreciated Dealyn, Chris, and the rest of their table of eight for joining us for the celebration.  Finally, we wouldn't have had the experience we have if it hadn't been for the culinary magic Dave worked in the kitchen.

Mark your calendars for February 13, 2024, when we will celebrate Valentine's Day next year!

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