Saturday, February 11, 2023

New Fridge, Thanks to Our Alumni!

Last fall, we began having issues with the refrigerator at the Campus Religious Center.  The compressor would periodically freeze up and shut down, which caused us to lose the entire contents of the refrigerator twice in four months.  The first time was considered a bit of a fluke since it is a problem that can occasionally happen with the make and model of the refrigerator we had.  The second time, we realized we had a significant problem.

One of the alumnae of Catholic Campus Ministries and the Newman Club happened to be at the Campus Religious Center while we were handling the clean-up of the second fridge failure.  The next day, we received a call that there would be a donation coming to help replace the refrigerator so other students would be able to enjoy the same meals and opportunities as they had received while they were students at SMSU.  Our grateful appreciation to all of our alumni who paid it forward for the current (and future) students we serve.

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