Friday, April 7, 2023

The Gospel of Matthew

Each year, on the Wednesday of Holy Week, Father Tony discusses the Gospel that will be shared on Easter.  Our college students are invited to participate, along with the rest of the Parish.  Father Tony broke down the Gospel, scripture by scripture, to help us understand the deeper meaning held within the story we would hear.  

One of the most powerful reminders shared this week was the necessity of the Simon of Cyrene, and the role he played as he was pressed into service to help Jesus carry His cross to Calvary.  This was not an act of kindness by the Romans.  This was an act of necessity.  Jesus had been so brutally abused, the Romans could not be sure He would survive the trip to Calvary.  In order to humiliate and debase Jesus, He needed to die on the Cross, so they needed to get Him there, by any means possible.  At the same time, Jesus needed to make it to Calvary in order to fulfill the Scriptures that would lead to our Salvation.  Two separate purposes, with the same end:  Jesus' death on the Cross.

Mark your calendars for March 27, 2024, when we will hear from Father Tony regarding the Gospel of Mark.

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