Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Lectio: Peter

The second of our small group Bible studies to highlight is our Sunday evening session:  Lectio:  Peter.  This study focuses on Peter and the role he plays through the story of Salvation History.  It is a comrehensive approach, looking at Peter as the whole man he was.  Dr. Tim Gray, President of the Augustine Institute, is the person leading the study through Formed.  

In last week's session, we were able to experience a little of the living arrangements Peter, and the others, would have experienced through Dr. Gray's time at an archaelogical dig.  If you are looking for a study that gives you some contextual opportunities for understanding, in addition to the direct Biblical aspects, we invite you to join us on Sunday evenings after supper (except the nights where we have a Catholicism 101 session).  This is free and open to all students who want to have a better understanding of Peter, the rock on whom our Church was built.

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