Friday, January 5, 2024

#SEEK24 Day 5

 The last day of our SEEK experience began bright and early with the travelers' Mass.  The Bishop who was the primary presider for the Mass shared a beautiful message that knowing and responding to Jesus' call is the most important thing in our life.




He also reminds us that our experience of God's love for us orders and relitivitzes our love for and response to others.  Let us ask that we be open to receive that love and acting upon it today.

After Mass, we transitioned to the Dome for Morning Prayer and the final keynote speakers.


Chris Stefanick led a dynamic and engaging discussion about facing the challenges of evangelization.  We face many obstacles, most of our own making.  He gave us responses to most of the "Buts" we experience in reaching out to others:

But, I am not famous:

    The stage is not where the most important part of Campus Ministry happens, it is in the five person Bible studies

    The stage is where you are when you share your faith.

But, I am afraid

    The apostles were, too!  They hid in the Upper Room.  They faced that and went out, you can, too!

    God is bigger than your fear and bigger than the person you are speaking with

But it is awkward

    It will more likely be more awkward for you than the person that will hear it

    Take the risk!

But I don't know what to say

    Be yourself, you are the light in the darkness

    They need to see the authenticate you, and that cannot be manufactured with a script



After he wrapped up, Kelsey Skoch took the stage with the message of "Bigger than" evangelization.  She shared the story of her visit to the make-up counter and the conversation she had with the person who helped her.  Kelsey shared about her openness to life with the technician and asnwering the Lord's call in her life.

She reminded us that when we allow the Holy Spirit to enter our lives and then follow the promptings of it.  To participate and delight is what Jesus wants for us.  He loves us that much.

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