Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Living the Corporal Works of Mercy: Bring Drink to the Thirsty (with Roger!)

Each month, we have a guest from the community who shares with members of the Newman Club how to live out one of the Corporal Works of Mercy in their daily lives.  This month, Roger Ricke, who has worked at our local Hy-Vee store since he was in high school, joined us to discuss "Bring Drink to the Thirsty."

Father Shawn first shared with us about the Corporal Work of Mercy:  Bringing Drink to the Thirsty.  While we often think of this work of mercy as specifically related to physical thirst, it is also related to satisfying the thirst of those who long for more in their relationship with the Lord.

Then, Roger spoke about the programs that Hy-Vee offers.  For purchases of their "One Step" water, a portion of proceeds are earmarked for distribution to groups who help bring more wells to areas throughout the world where access to water is an issue.  He shared how water shortages negatively impact people because of illness as well as the burden of labor, that largely rests on the women and girls of the area as they are typically the ones who get the water for the community.

This is an excellent opportunity for our young adults to be aware of the power in their shopping dollars as they make decisions on brands they purchase and where they purchase from to provide support to the community.

Thank you to Roger for sharing with us, and the One Step water!

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